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Observations from Android Market

The Tombo Edit has spent a little over a month on the market.
It seems to have generated some decent interest with hundreds of downloads.

Few items of interest:

  • Comments are filtered by system language. In development console I see comments in English, Russian, Japanese and Korean, but in the market itself it only shows English to me.
  • There is facility to report errors from devices, but I haven’t gotten any reports.
  • Interesting metric is a number of active installs (as opposed to number of downloads).

The market Web UI has recently significantly improved, and now shows more relevant information.

I was really surprised that there is another application that can read Tombo-encrypted files. It is called ‘miniNoteViewer‘, comes from Japan and does not seem to support russian character encoding. Have I known of its existence, I might have chosen some other area for my Android playground. 🙂